Mandala, Melanie Harrell Energy Healing


What is Energy Healing? 

Energy healing (or "energy work") consists of working directly with the subtle energy field while the client is in a light state of hypnosis. (The subtle energy field, also known as the "etheric body", is part of the physical body. Most people cannot see it.) After attaining relaxation, clients are asked to tune in and describe what they notice. Energy blockages, leaks, and other anomalies may be sensed visually, kinesthetically, etc. 

The client and I then work together to resolve the issue using visualization, metaphor, and other techniques which may include chakra cleansing and balancing, adding or removing energy, cord cutting, returning energy to its source, etc. Clients are encouraged to participate as much as possible so as to take ownership of the healing. This process is concerned with "what" rather than "why" or "how".

Mandala Energy Healing

I also practice and teach Reiki, another form of energy healing that does not involve hypnosis. In addition, I teach etheric energy work classes to Second Degree Reiki students who are interested in learning other healing techniques.

Training, Scheduling and Fees

My Reiki teacher, Carrlyn Clay, taught me to work with subtle energy. I also took medical qigong training in 2003 with  Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, who established the International Institute of Medical Qigong (I.I.M.Q.). The qigong training included methods for chakra clearing and creating energetic implements for etheric energy healing.

Private energy work sessions are available at my office, which is located10 minutes south of the city of Bellaire. Single sessions are $185. I also offer a package of 4 sessions for $650 which can be used for any kind of session. (3-month expiration).

New clients are asked to prepay for their first session with PayPal unless we make other arrangements. I accept cash, checks, MC/VISA and PayPal for subsequent sessions. If you wish to buy the 4-session package, you can decide that during your first session and we will adjust the finances at that time.

I am in the office Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30 to 4:30. Other times can sometimes be scheduled as well.